What exactly is Charlotte CLT?

Panthers fans

So who are we?

We are some Charlotte locals who are huge foodies and are putting our brains together to try and create something Charlotte does not have, a place for anyone in Charlotte to go to and find recommendations from people that have lived here for awhile and are trying to spread some Charlotte Knowledge.

 We will be posting our favorite restaurants, dive bars, places to grab a drink (or go find a dance partner), the best sporting events to go to and most importantly, what to do at them. Along with keeping you updated on the night life scene and events coming to Charlotte. 

 This website is supposed to represent Charlotte in a way that the other Charlotte websites do not and that is done by staying genuine and trying to stay focused on the city of Charlotte and not the towns that are an hour away (even though we do love you and there are plenty of amazing day trips we will happily highlight). We just want to create a site that focuses on the city, and that's because it is growing,  it's amazing, and it deserves it. 

Here is a little taste of our favorite spots in Charlotte

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