The 9 best dog parks in charlotte (2023)

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Charlotte is not shy of dog owners, dog parks, and dog bars and now with new buildings, businesses, and parks opening in Charlotte to accommodate the ever-growing population, it is only right to make sure the dogs are accommodated as well.

Below is a list of the best dog parks in Charlotte and what each of them have to offer, so all dogs in Charlotte have a place to go and meet friends.

The 9 Best Dog Parks

1. David Dog Park at William R Davie District Park

2.  Frazier Dog Park

3. Reedy Creek Dog Park

4. Shuffletown Park

5. Ramsey Creek Park

6. McAlpine Creek Community  Park

7. Mallard and Clark’s Creek Greenway

8. Midwood Park

9. Lucky Dog Bark and Brew

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Davie Dog Park at
William R. Davie District Park

4635 Pineville-Matthews Rd
Distance from Uptown: 27 minutes

Location: South Charlotte

Davie Dog park located in south Charlotte comes in at the top of the list for the best dog parks near Charlotte. The only downfall to this park is that it's a little further south than the others at 27 minutes to uptown Charlotte. The park has a 5 acre fenced in area with plenty of room for dogs to roam around, and if you have a smaller dog don't worry, they have separated sections so that the smaller pups won't be bullies.

• A 5 acre fenced in park
• Separate areas for small and big dogs
• The largest dog park in Charlotte with 3 distinct play spaces
• Close to the Arboretum

Frazier Park

1201 West 4th Street Extension Charlotte, NC
Distance from Uptown: 4 minutes

Location: Third Ward

Frazier Park is located right off of I-77 making it very accessible and easy to find. It is 1.3 acres and has separate areas for bigger and smaller dogs as well as water stations and places to sit inside each park. Reviews have said that the dog owners are usually very nice and attentive which is nice to hear as other dogs is what can sometimes ruin you and you're dogs experience

• Easy to Access (right off I-77)
• Separate areas for big and small dogs
• water stations

3 dogs and guy in dog park

Reedy Creek Dog Park

2900 Rocky River Road
Distance from Uptown: 25 minutes

Location: University Area (North East Charlotte)

Coming in at number 3 for the best dog parks in Charlotte is Reedy Creek. It is located about 25 minutes from Uptown making it an excellent choice for people living up in the university area and is one of the bigger dog parks on the list. It has 4 acres of fenced in space so there is plenty of room for dogs to run around and have fun and there are even toys, plastic pools, and water stations to use!

• 4 acres of fenced in space
• Water stations, plastic pools, and toys!
• It is a busy dog park so be ready for a dusty or muddy dog, here comes bath time.

Ramsey Creek Park on Lake

Ramsey Creek Park

18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius, NC
Distance from Uptown: 30 minutes

Location: Cornelius (North Charlotte)

I love this park for many reasons (mainly having access to Lake Norman) and would be happy to go here any day of the week. There are really just two downsides to this park, the distance from uptown (30 minutes) and that there is not much grass in the actual dog park so be ready to scrub down on your pup when you get back home. If you are fine with a little drive and a dog bath then I say this is the dog park for you.

• 4 acres of fenced in space so here is plenty of room for dogs to exert energy
• Public lake access .2 miles from the dog park
• Plenty of shaded areas
•There are sectioned off areas for larger and smaller dogs.

Dog park with a tree

Ray's Fetching Meadow at
McAlpine Creek Community Park

8711 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212
Distance from Uptown: 20 minutes

Location: South East Charlotte

This is a smaller sized fenced in park but has plenty of benches and is popular because it is so accessible. Make sure your pup is good with other dogs if you want to visit this dog park.

Park with bridge

Mallard and Clark's Creek Greenway

9729 Mallard Creek Rd Charlotte, NC
Distance from Uptown: 17 minutes

Location: Highland Creek (North Charlotte)

• This is a leash only park
• It has options for friends and family that include soccer, baseball and big fields
• Although its leash only, the trail is one of my favorites because it runs next to a creek and has scenic forest views.

Shuffletown park with slide

Shuffletown Park

9500 Bellhaven Boulevard Charlotte, NC
Distance from Uptown: 17 minutes

Location: Coulwood West (North West Charlotte)

Coming in toward the bottom of our list for the best dog parks in Charlotte is Shuffletown Park. The reasoning for the lower score is because of the area it is located in and the dog park ground (gravel). The area is north west Charlotte and I would not go there unless I am living there, and its not because I am avoiding this park, its just because there are better options if you are closer to uptown or near the univeristy area. The dog park is a good one, just not on the hotter days as most of the ground is gravel and it can get pretty hot on your dogs paws.

• 4 acres of fenced in space for dogs to run around
• There is a chunk of shaded pine trees with some benches
• Separate space for smaller and bigger dogs

Midwood Park

2100 Wilhelmina Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
Distance from Uptown: 5 minutes

Location: Plaza Midwood

• The BEST location, right in the heart of Plaza Midwood
• Plenty of activities for your friends and family, it is much more than just a dog park. Includes tennis, baseball, open fields for spike ball or volleyball.

Lucky Dog Bark and Brew

2220 Thrift Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208
Distance from Uptown: 6 minutes

Location: Ashley Park

Although this is at the bottom of the list, it is only there because it is not really a dog park rather than a fully loaded dog bar offering 20k square feet of indoor and outdoor off leash play. If you are wanting to socialize but want to bring your dog along, this is the place to do it.

• A full bar!!
•They offer daycare, baths, and overnight boarding
•Plenty of other dog lovers to socialize with
• 20Ksqft of indoor and outdoor off leash play

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