The Best pizza in charlotte for 2023

         Quick Rankings:

  1. Due Amici Pizza
  2. Pizzeria Omaggio
  3. Bisonte Pizza
  4. Bennys Pizza
  5. Pizza Sapienza
  6. Inizio Pizza
  7. Pie in the Sky
  8. Sal’s Pizza Factory
  9. Pure Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

The Local list for the top 9 pizzerias in Charlotte, NC.

All of the listed restaurants are good and deserve a try! The list features all different types of pizzas such as Neapolitan pizza, New York, Buffalo, and Sicilian Style.

Pure pizza

9. Pure Pizza

Pure Pizza comes in at 9th for the best pizza in Charlotte and is honestly an amazing farm to table pizzieria that locally sources all of their ingredients. The organically grown unbleached and unbromated flour is used to create the crust and is brought from a mill in North Carolina.

What to order: If you like pimento cheese we stronger suggest: The Lulu, it comes with mozzarella, ground beef, bacon, tomato, jalapenos, and pimento cheese. It's one of my Favorite slices in Charlotte!

If you would like something on the lighter side that has all the flavor of a heavier pizza, go for the She-Rex: Mozzarella, mushrooms, onion, peppers, topped with greens tossed in lemon vinaigrette.

Pizza with chicken

8. Sal's Pizza Factory

Sal's Pizza Factory is one of our go-to orders on Sunday football. They offer deliver to most of the Charlotte metro area and have good bone in and boneless wings. They have the largest menu on the list which features pasta, sandwiches, and some really good fried pickles.

What to order: We love the chicken bacon ranch pizza, but you can never go wrong with a classic pepperoni.

7. Pie in the sky

Pie in the Sky Pizza comes in at number 7 on the list. It is your classic NY pizza in uptown Charlotte that I loved for its lunch special which is 2 slices and a drink for a moderate price. If you are wanting some good NY pizza on the cheaper side, then this is your spot.

What to order: The LUNCH SPECIAL! It is 2 slices of pie and a drink for a good price

2 Pizzas next to each other

6. Inizio Pizza

Some may say this is the best pizza on the list, and there is definitely a chance. They serve a Neapolitan pizza with hand tossed dough, well sourced ingredients, and the classic 900-degree oven which cooks the pizza to perfection in just 90 seconds. If you are looking for an authentic Italian pizza, this is your spot. (I worked with plenty of Italians, and they say this, and Pizza Omaggio are the best spots in Charlotte)

What to order: The Bianca, I am a lover of buffalo mozzarella and pecorino cheese, and this does them both justice.

Pizza Sapienza

5. Pizza Sapienza

Pizza Sapienza is my second to Bisonte for Sunday football pizza in Charlotte. The wings are good, but not as good as Bisonte but the pizza itself is an amazing. The restaurant was established in 2018 by Sal Sapienza who learned his pizza recipes from his father's 30-year-old NY recipes.

What to order: Every time I order Pizza Sapienza it's on gameday and I always go a large pepperoni pizza with some buffalo wings.

Bennys Pizza

4. Benny Pennello's Pizza

Benny Pennello's or known to the CLT locals as Bennys is maybe the best slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever had, not to mention the biggest slice of pizza I have had as well, I dare you to eat 4 slices. The downside to is that they only serve pizza, no wings or appetizers but what they lack in the options, they make up for with amazing tasting pizza.

What to order: 2 pepporoni slices. They will have a vegetarian and a meat special so if what they have that day interests you go for it.

pepperoni pizza

3. Bisonte pizza

Bisonte has some amazing pie, but what truly gets my mouth watering is the buffalo wings with their homemade blue cheese (hands down the best blue cheese in Charlotte). The owner used to work up in Buffalo for a classic pizzaria and decided to move down to Charlotte to take over the pizza game, and it weas not a bad choice. They have a ton of different crusts and even offer a sicillian pizza which is cut in squares. If you are wanting a pizza that does buffalo justice from their style of pizza to their wings and even the blue cheese, go here.

What to order: Pepperoni Buffalo style with a side of barbalo wings (Buffalo x BBQ) extra crispy
If you like sandwiches the stinger is a great choice which includes steak and chicken fingers, tossed in the sauce of your choice (I go buffalo).

2. Pizzeria Omaggio

Coming in at #2 for the best pizza in Charlotte and hailing the best Neapolitan style pizza on the list is Pizzeria Omaggio. If you are seeking for the most authentic Italian style pizza in North Carolina, this is the spot. Unknown to most, a majority of the pizzerias in Italy focus on mastering the Neapolitan style, and Pizzeria Omaggio does it right.

What to order: Calabrese which has tomato sauce, fior di latte (fresh mozzarella), homemade italian sausage, pepperoni (salame), pecorino romano.

Due Amici guy with 2 pizzas

1. Due Amici Pizza

This is THE New York style pizza in not only Charlotte but for all of North Carolina, and it has been voted so for the past 5 years! The only downside is that they do not deliver, and they are not within 10 minutes of Uptown, but the 20-minute drive is well worth the pickup order. Whenever I am going to a tailgate or having friends over and we want pizza, I order Due Amici because, why not have the best NY slice in all of NC?

What to order: You will NOT go wrong if you order pepperoni but the Buffalo chicken pizza here is top notch. Also, for being a smaller pizza joint, they have some amazing appetizers as well!

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