The Best Chicken Sandwiches in Charlotte

Below are our recommendations for the best chicken sandwiches in Charlotte. The order of the list can be moved around depending on mood, but if we had to make a top 10 list, here it is.
Boxcar Bettys chicken sandwich

1. Boxcar Bettys

Located in Optimist Hall, Boxcar Bettys comes in at the #1 spot for best chicken sandwich in Charlotte.

This chicken sandwich (the boxcar) comes with pimento cheese, peach slaw, house pickles, and spicy mayo. It placed #1 on the list simply because of the flavor (the pimento cheese with the peach slaw is perfection) combined with the size of the chicken breast. They also have some of the best fried pickles around and they give you plenty of fries to fill your belly.

What to order: The Boxcar
Side: Fries with spicy mayo, or the fried pickles with ranch

Bossy Beulah chicken sandwich

2. Bossy Beulah's

Located right off of Freedom drive, next to Noble smoke, this simple chicken sandwich is a classic that does not disappoint. They use Joyce Farms chicken breast, pickles, and Dukes mayo on a Copain bun. The first step they take is to soak the chicken breast in buttermilk, this gives it a nice juicy flavor, and then they season it with salt and pepper, flour it, and drop it in the fryer.

What to order: The cheesy beaut
Side: Fries with bossy sauce

Hot fried chicken sandwich

3. Horace Hot Fried Chicken

Located in uptown (329 S. Tryon Street) this chicken sandwich might be the biggest in Charlotte. It packs a ton of flavor and is a true "hot chicken" sandwich (if you do not like spicy beware). The only area where they lack in is sides, but their Mac and cheese with bread crumbs, and coleslaw are still excellent options. During the weekend they offer biscuits, also probably the biggest in Charlotte, and I definitely recommend them if you wake up very hungry or hungover and want an option that will have you happily sitting on the couch all day.

What to order: Horace's favorite hot fried chicken sandwich
Side: Mac and Cheese

Leroy Fox Chicken Sandwich

4. Leroy Fox

Leroy Fox has 2 locations, one in Southend and one in Cotswold, and they never disappoint. There are a few routes to go when ordering a chicken sandwich from Leroy, I personally love the Pimento and egg. It comes with pimento cheese, a fried egg, applewood bacon, and topped with a pineapple sriracha dressing to give it a little sweet heat kick. I would not be mad with any of the other choices though (honey buffalo, chicken fried, BBQ, and buffalo)

What to order: Fried chicken sandwich (pimento and egg)
Side: Sweet potato tots with cinnamon sugar!

Crepe Cellar Sandwich

5. Crepe Cellar

The Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub is located right in the heart of Noda and offers a really good selection for all types of foodies. Their french onion soup is some of the best you will find and Charlotte, the crepes are to die for, and the buttermilk friend chicken sandwich is top tier and comes with Coppa americano, Gruyère, and Maple Dijon on a baguette.

What to order: Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich
Side: French Onion Soup

Goodyear house Chicken sandwich

6. Goodyear House

Located in the heart of Noda (1 block down from the Crepe Cellar) the Goodyear house has an old-timey rustic vibe that fits perfectly in the Noda neighborhood. They deliver exceptional food and cocktails at a reasonable price which makes them an ideal location for a date. The sandwich comes with their creamy slaw, pickles, tomato on a benne seed bun.

What to order: Red devil chicken sandwich
Side: French fries

MadDash chicken sandwich

7. Mad Dash

Located off of Thrift road (next to lucky dog brewery) this online order restaurant does not miss the mark on flavor. The sandwich comes with buttermilk fried chicken, Cole slaw, house-made pickles, dash sauce, on a challah bun. This is your classic fried chicken sandwich and it never disappoints.

The Chef (Chef Corey) grew up in Alaska and moved to North Carolina in 2008 to pursue his dream of the culinary arts at Johnson and Wales, I would say it was a good decision (at least for my taste buds).

What to order: Dasher chicken sandwich
Side: French fries (try the Mumbo Number Fries if you are up for it, $8)

chicken sandwich

8. The Asbury

Located at 237 North Tryon St. the Asbury pays tribute to Charlotte's native southern roots while still having the modern feel of an upcoming city. The Chef (Mike Long) knew exactly what he was going for and executed it perfectly, a dressed up classic chicken sandwich with tons of flavor. Order fries on the side, or go for the Mac and cheese if you are feeling extra hungry.

What to order: Chicken Sandwich
Side: Mac and cheese

The stinger chicken sandwich

9. Bisonte Pizza Co.

Bisonte Pizza Company has 2 locations, one in uptown right next too Johnson and Wales, and the other in Matthews. The owner used to live in Buffalo and worked at one of the most famous pizza places so he knows how to do pizza and subs. The Stinger is a sub that has fried chicken (tossed in the sauce of your choice), steak, and cheese. I am not totally sure what it is but each time I each this sandwich it never disappoints.

What to order: The Stinger
Side: Fries with lemon pepper seasoning, or wings (best buffalo wings in Charlotte)

Pinkys chicken sandwich

10. Pinky's Westside Grill

Pinky's westside Grill is a Charlotte classic and although most people may know if it, their Nashville hot chicken sandwich is an item you may not know Pinky's offered, and it is delicious. If you do not like "Nashville hot" food then I would go for the Big John which has Swiss cheese, bacon, honey mustard, and lettuce + tomato. Their chicken is not their specialty but it is definitely a really good option that is slept on by many.

What to order: Nashville Hot Chicken
Side: Waffle fries OR sweet potato chips with wasabi ranch.

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